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Chaga and Burnout

If you are interested in the subject of alternative medicine, you have probably heard of chaga, the small mushroom that is taking the world by storm. It has been used in the traditional medicine of Alaska and Siberia for generations, and several scientific studies and anecdotes confirm the many positive effects this nutrient-rich mushroom has on our body.

Also in times of hectic and stress can chaga work miracles. While stress can be normal, it can also become pathological. For a numerous reasons, many people suffer from burnout, a phenomenon that is not easily explained. How chaga can help improve this condition and help those affected return to life can be discovered here.

Burnout has become more well-known through the media, and a diagnosis of burnout is increasingly determined. Whether it is a true disease as per the criteria for definition of disease is not quite clear. But everyone can agree on this: burnout has developed into a serious societal problem that must be treated and luckily, can be treated.

The term “burnout” dates to the year 1970, when the US psychotherapist Herbert Freudenberg described burnout as a result of high stress and high ideals in caregiving professions. Today, burnout is considered a result of both professional and non-professional activities. Symptoms include fatigue, alienation from activities, and reduced performance capacity. As the name implies, burnout means “being burnt out”.

Because burnout is not yet clearly defined, it can be difficult to determine a diagnosis. But due to so-called “fads” and “mass phenomena”, a diagnosis may be made frivolously. This may result in other serious diseases such as depression being overlooked. This can be dangerous as these conditions have similar symptoms but require different treatment and therapy.

Those suffering from burnout lack all energy to go on, whether on a professional or personal level. The only solution is a change in lifestyle. It is time to do something about it. Have you ever heard of chaga? The mushroom that grows on birches in northern regions is rich in nutrients it pulls from the trees in extremely cold climates. With up to 200 components ranging from vitamins and minerals to antioxidants, the mushroom is a true miracle substance.

It is best known for its immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties and much more. Chaga also contains adaptogens, which help the body to better deal with stress. Stress is one of the triggers of burnout. Stress increases levels of cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones in the body. Some stress is normal, but it can turn into chronic stress, which is pathological, as is the case with burnout.

This leads to a weakened immune system and extreme fatigue. This is where adaptogens come into play. Adaptogens regulate hormones and bodily functions, but without affecting mood, as some antidepressants do, for example. Adaptogens improve cellular gas exchange, with the result that cells can work better and more efficiently. Additionally, toxins and waste products created due to stress are broken down faster and more effectively.

The body works more efficiently thereby; consumers of chaga feel more energetic and can concentrate for longer periods of time. But this burst of energy cannot be compared to energy boosts provided by other stimulants such as caffeine-containing drinks. Coffee and energy drinks lead to a quick burst of energy followed by a rapid crash, which is disadvantageous. Chaga on the other hand regulates metabolism so that you can maintain a consistent level of energy long term.

In this way, the body can better deal with anxiety and stress responses and conquer them more easily. Consumers of chaga soon experience a positive experience in handling stress. Additionally, chaga can help wean you completely from caffeine, as the highs and lows it creates are disadvantageous for those of a delicate constitution.

Administration of chaga is simple. Just one to two cups of chaga tea can help you feel better. It is best to drink the first cup in the mornings on an empty stomach. However, be aware that the effects of chaga are not immediate but take some time to develop. With a little patience, you will benefit from the positive effects of chaga.

The bottom line

Today, stress and its consequences are no longer breaking news. Burnout has become a mass phenomenon that must be fought against. If you experience symptoms of burnout, do not hesitate to see a doctor to address the problem. Not to worry, you do not have to buy expensive antidepressants that potentially do additional harm to your body.

Chaga can help regenerate your body and bring your body and spirit back into harmony naturally. Use the capability of the mushroom to deal with stress to lead a healthier life. You can also benefit from the other positive effects of chaga. As soon as you begin to feel the first symptoms, but are not yet ill, you can start with chaga therapy and help prevent onset of disease.

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Valarie Johnson on

after reading and ingesting this fabulous living tea – as a former health care worker who is now enjoying decline in function – the very thing i nursed all my work days – i can honestly state with absolute confidence this tea excels!! & surpasses- all my hopes and expectation and has gradually allowed me to – be able to – have STAMINA to do my own activities of DAILY Living with a Quality of LIFE – i was Observing slip away from ME
this TEA IS MARVELOUS AND – how i functioned Before this Fabulous tea was introduced to my Diet is – Beyond me! JESUS bless you for all you doing ! the Information available is
Astounding AND shared by me to as Many souls I know who NEED this FOOD!

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