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Chaga for Intestinal Rehabilitation

Chaga is an almost magical mushroom that grows in cold climates, especially in Alaska and Siberia, where it has been a mainstay of traditional medicine for a long time. Chaga grows on birch trees, from which it draws its unique properties. Its effects are so indescribably good, that it is no wonder that, thanks to the internet, this superfood is now taking the world by storm. Especially the GI tract benefits from this nutrient-rich mushroom

GI disorders may be mild but can also lead to serious diseases. Here you can learn how to protect and restore your bowel!

The bowel is an organ that is often overlooked when we think about our health. With a length of approximately 8 meters, it plays an important role in our digestive tract. Our digestive system begins in the mouth, then goes into the stomach via the esophagus, then into the small bowel, passing the liver spleen, and kidneys, and then the large intestine and rectum for elimination.

The bowel is also described as the center of the immune system. With hundreds of bacteria, the bowel harbors a rich flora. Not all bacteria are bad. Just the opposite, there are many bacteria that we need for a healthy GI tract, especially bifidobacteria. These are the so called “good” bacteria that break up undigested carbohydrates and fiber, and fight against pathological bacteria.

When there is a disorder of the intestinal flora, the first manifestations are generally symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain or malodorous stool. These conditions sound rather harmless. However, excessive bad bacteria or pathogens can lead to vitamin deficiency, as food cannot be properly digested. Vitamins are absorbed into the blood circulation via the intestinal mucosa.

Furthermore, toxic substances such as ammoniac can be formed, which first only produce a bad odor, but can also lead to symptoms of toxicity. One of the most serious consequences are autoimmune diseases that are caused by dysfunction of the immune system and result in an inflammatory response in the body. The most common autoimmune diseases are Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

The worst result of an intestinal flora disorder is increased permeability of the bowel, also referred to as “leaky gut”. This allows undigested food to enter the bloodstream directly. As you can see, intestinal health disorders can be linked not only to a weakening of the immune system, but to a variety of serious diseases.

Unhealthy diets that are rich in sugar, fat, and preservatives lead to intestinal problems. They lack important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. But antibiotics, which destroy bacteria, also destroy the good bacteria and thereby the intestinal flora. Therefore, it is important to restore the bowel before serious problems arise.

Chaga can help in this regard. The mushroom is rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals, so called unstable particles that cause cellular damage. These antioxidants destroy harmful bacteria and fungi but support the good bifidobacteria. Furthermore, chaga can help improve the detoxification and cleansing functions of the liver so that toxic substances can be eliminated more effectively.

Chaga helps break down intestinal “sludge” and regenerate intestinal mucosa, thereby helping to close areas of permeability in leaky gut. The mushroom is rich in vitamins and minerals, through which nutrient deficiencies can be rebalanced.

Since intestinal restoration influences the entire digestive system, it begins in the mouth, and goes into the bowel via the stomach, passing the liver. It is recommended that users of chaga consume it in the form of tea. Drink two cups of chaga tea per day, the first cup preferably directly after getting up on an empty stomach, approximately 30 minutes before the first meal. It is important to observe a sizeable interval between meals so that the chaga can work effectively.

Those affected will notice improvement in intestinal health already after a short period of time; you will feel stronger and become sick less frequently. Because chaga has minimal side effects, it is a true wellness elixir for everyone, and can be used prophylactically, for example, after a course of therapy with antibiotics. Intestinal health is often underestimated, but the bowel is one of our most important organs and it needs to be protected.

Of course, consumption of chaga tea alone is not sufficient, but should be combined with a change in diet and lifestyle. Especially foods rich in fiber such as oatmeal and flaxseed are a good choice. Physical exercise also leads to improved intestinal peristalsis and thereby to better digestion.

The bottom line

The bowel is often overlooked when we think about our health. But it has important functions that affect our health and our immune system. An unhealthy diet, vitamin deficiencies, or medications can harm our intestines which may lead to serious diseases that can be dangerous and even life threatening.

Thanks to chaga, we have the opportunity to easily do something good for our intestinal health and thereby for our body. If we take advantage of the rich nutrient content of chaga, we can improve our life.

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