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How to Make a Chaga Tincture

Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on birch trees, especially in colder climates such as Lapland and Siberia.  In these regions, chaga is already a popular medicine that is used to treat various diseases.  Its effect has been scientifically documented.  Generally,  it is administered in the form of tea.  However, chaga is not only used in ingested form, it can also be applied topically to treat a wide range of conditions.

For topical application, it is best to prepare a tincture. In general, tinctures are plant extracts that are combined with a strong alcohol.  Recommended is an alcohol content of approximately 50%.  If you plan on ingesting the tincture, be sure to use a drinkable alcohol.  Please be aware that the high alcohol content may incapacitate you in terms of working or driving a car. Tinctures should therefore be used for topical application.

If you would like to make your own chaga tincture, you need wild chaga mushrooms. It is important that you use only wild chaga. The mushroom needs the birch to develop its nutrients. Chaga is also produced on a mushroom farm in China.  However, this artificial mushroom is treated with chemical substances that make it rather harmful.  Thus, be sure to buy wild chaga.

Grind the chaga until it turns into a fine powder. This is best accomplished with a grinder or mortar and pestle.  If you have a large pepper or coffee grinder, you could use these for this purpose. The powder is then mixed with 500 mL of schnapps that has a high alcohol content.   One good example is vodka with a 50% alcohol content. Put the mixture in a glass with an airtight cover. The tincture now has to sit and draw for at least two months; be sure to stir the contents every other day. After two months, simply strain the tincture through a coffee filter to remove mushroom fragments. The alcohol now has the effectiveness of the mushroom in a highly concentrated form.  In a closed bottle at room temperature, the tincture will keep for approximately one year. If you do not wish to throw out the powder, you can use it to make a tea. Boil the powder in water for 2 hours  – your tea is ready.

Chaga in the form of a tincture is particularly effective for skin diseases such as psoriasis, keratinized skin, neurodermatitis, and acne. But it can also be used for wound healing and scar treatment. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects of chaga are especially soothing for those who suffer from skin conditions. The mushroom also contains betulin and other substances that support the wound healing process.

How Do You Apply the Chaga Tincture?

Application of the tincture is easy. Simply dribble the tincture on the affected area and let it soak in for approximately 30 minutes. After the time has elapsed, carefully rinse and wash the area with a mild pH soap and blot it dry gently. Due to the alcohol, the tincture may burn just a bit. Facial acne and pimples can also be treated with the tincture, carefully dapple the affected areas of your face. Be sure to keep the tincture out of your eyes! The tincture is also highly effective in treating inflammation such as sunburn.  The chaga tincture promotes wound healing without formation of a scar.

In severe cases of neurodermatitis or other skin diseases, you can try a combination of topically applied and ingested therapy.  Since most diseases result from an impaired immune response, the ingested chaga can be very helpful. Use the tincture as described above and, in addition, drink two cups of chaga tea per day.

Tinctures are very effective, but the high alcohol concentration may pose a problem for some. People who are sick, children, or pregnant women should not use a tincture with a high concentration of alcohol. There is a good alternative. Simply make a very strong chaga tea.  Take approximately 5 pieces of chaga mushroom, add hot water, and let it simmer for approximately 2 hours. The water turns deep black in color. You can apply it in the same way as the tincture. The advantage is that the tea is completely alcohol free and the preparation time is greatly reduced.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative,  metabolism-promoting, and immune system-strengthening properties, chaga provides many benefits for the treatment of skin diseases and inflammation.  You will experience the soothing effect of chaga as early as your first application. Treatment with the tincture not only relieves the symptoms, but also promotes natural healing without scar formation.

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