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Chaga for the whole family

Today, concerns about our health continue to increase. Because of our hectic lifestyle, there is not much time for a healthy and balanced diet. Everything must be done in a hurry, and food supplements are of increasing importance to maintain vitamin and mineral levels. Is there really a plant-based remedy that provides the most important elements?

The answer is yes. Chaga, a small mushroom from the extreme north has an almost magical effect on our body. For generations, it has been used in traditional medicine in Alaska and Siberia, and it can pass on its magical powers also to you. But how does chaga work and can it be used by the whole family? Continue to read and learn more about this magical mushroom.

Chaga is taking the world by storm as a true superfood. Superfoods are foods that are particularly rich in vitamins and other substances that have a positive effect on our body. Chaga gets its active ingredients from birch trees, on which it grows. Additionally, it needs an extremely cold climate to develop its nutrients. It is thus not surprising that it is predominantly found in Alaska and Siberia. Thanks to the internet, people throughout the world can now benefit from this superfood.

Chaga has various positive properties. It is reportedly anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting, slows the aging process, prevents and fights cancer, and much more. Chaga was originally used to improve digestive health and can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The chaga mushroom is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods available. Antioxidants are substances that bind unstable particles called free radicals before they collide with cells and cause cell damage. The damage these free radicals cause is also referred to as “oxidative stress”. Oxidative stress is associated with aging, cancer, inflammation, and many other conditions.

Furthermore, chaga contains beta glucans, which can influence the immune system by stimulating the production and activities of white blood cells (leukocytes). Leukocytes are our body’s first line of defense and are sent to sites of invading pathogens. Stimulating the production and activities of these cells thus strengthens and activates our immune system.

However, our immune system sometimes loses control and causes excessive inflammation. Inflammation is a normal response, but if it is too pronounced, it may result in chronic diseases as is the case in bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Chaga not only helps stimulate leukocyte production, but also acts as regulator to fight excessive inflammation.

Chaga is also rich in vitamin D. Normally, our skin makes vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is important for the health of our skin and nervous system. But most of all, it is important for calcium and phosphate absorption in our bodies and therefore essential for our bones and teeth. However, there are numerous regions of vitamin D deficiency around the world. Areas with long winters are particularly affected.

Getting enough vitamin D through food is difficult. Hence, chaga is a great solution. In some countries, even infants receive supplemental vitamin D in tablet form to ensure proper development of bone, teeth, and brain structures. Vitamin D deficiency leads to hair loss, muscle weakness, and other problems. If we have to administer supplemental vitamins to even our youngest, why not in a natural form with a mushroom?

These are just a few of the many positive properties the chaga mushroom provides. Maybe you are now wondering how the mushroom can be ingested. Traditionally, chaga is consumed in the form of tea. But there are numerous recipes for chaga. What is important is that the chitin structure of its walls is broken through boiling. Chaga is also popular in the form of tinctures and extracts.

Can chaga be of benefit to the whole family? Yes, chaga is a true wellness elixir for both young and old. But there are several factors you should consider. Tinctures and extracts are alcohol-based and should thus be kept away from children and adolescents. Babies should consume chaga tea only after their first year of life. Infants require a special diet their first year of life.

In the form of tea, a whole pot of chaga can be easily prepared for the whole family. You can reuse pieces of chaga, which makes the tea economical in comparison to other food supplements. To make the earthy and unusual tase of chaga more pleasant to children, you can add a bit of lemon, honey, or maple syrup.

The bottom line

Chaga is a true miracle substance and it is no wonder that it has been used for generations. Its positive effects are beneficial to the whole family and can help improve the health of every member. But make sure you consider the form of administration, as tinctures and extracts are alcohol-based and must be kept away from children. But in the form of tea, even our young ones can consume chaga.
If you want to do something for the health of your whole family, then try chaga, the mushroom that has already improved the lives of many with its many positive properties.

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