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Treating migraines with chaga

Pain arises in various forms and in different situations. Although pain is bothersome, in some ways, it is lifesaving at the same time. Pain helps us react accordingly to dangerous or harmful situations and serves as a kind of warning signal, as it generally occurs concomitant to a disease. Headaches are some of the most prevalent form of pain, particularly migraines create serious problems for many among us.

Migraine patients are constantly searching for natural remedies to improve their situation. The search has now come to an end. Chaga, a nutrient-rich mushroom that grows in the cold climate of Alaska and Siberia, is a substance that can help relieve headaches and migraines. What effects this mushroom has and how it needs to me administered to help you, can be learned here.

Migraines are a nightmare for many patients. These are generally one-sided headache attacks, associated with nausea as well as sensitivity to light and noise. Darkness and quiet often improve the situation. Many times, but not necessarily, an impending migraine has a precursor, an aura, a harbinger of a new attack. The origin of migraines is not clearly understood. It is presumed that disruptions in the messenger substances of the brain are involved.

Although the cause of migraines is not fully explained, we do know that there are several triggering factors. These include stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, and hormone imbalances. During an attack, patients must rely on strong pain medication, which helps in the moment, but harms the body in other ways. It is difficult for migraine sufferers to find a long-term solution. Only strong medications with strong side effects provide relief.

Luckily, there is alternative medicine. If you read about alternative medicine, you will soon come across a small mushroom that grows on birch trees in extreme northern regions. Called chaga, it has been used in the traditional medicine of Alaska and Siberia for generations. This small miracle mushroom is one of the nutrient-richest foods found on earth. It has been documented to have immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and many more positive properties.

Due to its many components and positive effects, it is also a solution for migraine patients. Among other nutrients, chaga contains polysaccharide and triterpene. These are especially anti-inflammatory whereby Chaga has a pain-relieving effect. Additionally, triterpene fights against damaged cells and thus helps prevent cancer. The pain-relieving effect is the decisive factor for treating migraines.

As described above, stress is a trigger of migraines. Since the cause of the disease is not fully understood, the treatment approach consists of treating its triggers. In certain situations, stress is normal, but it can turn into chronic stress. In stress situations, cortisol, adrenaline, and other hormones play an important role. Excess amounts of these hormones lead to fatigue, weakening of the immune system, and also to migraine.

Substances that can regulate this situation are adaptogens. Chaga is rich in these adaptogens. Adaptogens help cells better absorb oxygen and thereby make energy synthesis more efficient. The body thus has more energy and is stronger. Handling stress is regulated, and the body becomes less sensitive to it. Furthermore, adaptogens help regulate metabolism and the hormone situation.

Stress creates toxins and waste products that can harm the body and the brain, even though the blood-brain barrier ensures that toxic substances do not reach the brain. Substances that nonetheless get into the brain cause pain. Adaptogens help the body rid itself of these waste products through the liver kidneys. In this way, chaga helps fight the triggers of migraines.

Because chaga increases the energy level of the body, those who consume chaga can wean themselves from caffeine-containing drinks such as coffee. Coffee and energy drinks are not good for the nervous system and thus not recommended for migraine sufferers.

If you decide to pursue chaga as an alternative, it is recommended that you ingest it in the form of tea. Pieces of chaga are brewed into a tea. Boiling is necessary to break the chitin-containing walls and to release the valuable nutrients. You should drink approximately 2 cups of chaga tea per day, the first in the morning on an empty stomach.

Chaga is not a pain tablet that starts to work within a matter of minutes. Chaga is a long-term treatment. Effects may appear quickly or more slowly, depending on each user. But after approximately 4 to 8 weeks, most patients indicate significant improvement and better quality of life.

The bottom line

Migraines are a serious problem for many people and those affected suffer greatly. Medications used for treatment are often associated with severe side effects and harm the body further. Since there is no cure for migraines, chaga is a true blessing for migraine patients.

Through its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects, migraine triggers and symptoms are regulated, so that patients can enjoy a significantly improved quality of life. But that is not all, consumers of chaga also benefit from the other positive effects this miracle mushroom has on the human body. Since chaga has minimal side effects, you can try it without concerns.

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