About Us

Natural Living as a Way of Life

Living in a small log house in Alaska has brought our family closer to nature than we ever thought possible. Richard has grown a garden and harvested edible mushrooms for over a decade. It's an accomplishment avoiding GMO and processed foods at the grocery store but there was still something missing. How can nature help us heal? Should we really be taking all these medications produced by BigPharma?

That Eureka Moment

We've been walking and hiking the trails around Interior Alaska for many years. We even have our eye out for mushrooms when many other people are just trying to get some fresh air or exercise. It wasn't until a few friends from the Lower 48 enquired about the chaga mushroom that we started noticing it hanging there like charcoal on the side of birch trees. Many people mistakenly refer to chaga as "birch conk" and are completely unaware of its medicinal properties. Those in the know call chaga "The King of the Mushrooms."

After harvesting and shipping some to our friends and then hearing about how it helped them, we decided to dedicate more of our time to sharing chaga with the rest of the world.

Our Promise to You

We're a family of serial entrepreneurs but there is something different about harvesting and selling the chaga mushroom. Never before have we received so many e-mails from satisfied customers telling us about how it changed their lives for the better. We enjoy what we do and we're always here to help you along your chaga journey. We guarantee customer satisfaction and all orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any problems or questions, please reach out to us and we will make it right.